New Home for Rustic

May 13, 2024

Rustic is an Emacs major mode built on top of rust-mode. I use it daily for all my Rust development work.

Current situation

Rustic was developed by @brotzeit, and I have been helping out the project by fixing bugs and adding features to it.

I was granted access to review others’ pull requests (PRs) and merge them. I occasionally review PRs for the project. Currently, I have a bunch of PRs that I authored and are pending review.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reach @brotzeit for some time now. I hope he’s doing well. In September of last year, I sent him an email regarding commit access to the Rustic repository, but haven’t heard back.

Given the current situation, I have been maintaining my own fork of rustic for the last six months now.

Troy Hinckley reached out to me couple of days ago to ask if my fork of Rustic could become the maintained fork. He is also willing to help lighten the load. So even though I was initially hesistant, I would now like to go ahead and make it more official.

Current Status of rustic mode

My fork of Rustic mode has accumulated several changes. Here are the most important ones:


I plan to continue maintaining Rustic mode. My main focus will be on ensuring smooth integration with Rust language analyzer and tree-sitter utilities.

Relevant links: