Origin, Hobbies and Interests

Origined from the port city of Tuticorin and spent most parts of my childhood in the Awadh region Lucknow, currently residing in Bangalore with my wife Divya. I’m a sofware engineer with a strong interest in Functional Programming (especially Haskell). I’m a avid Ruskin Bond fan, like A.R.Rahman’s music and usually very lazy.

Work History

I previously worked in TCS R&D Labs at IIT Madras Research Park as a Researcher where I worked on GIS systems which were used to simulate traffic conditions of large cities. Then, I worked on with a startup named Inkmonk (I was their first engineering hire!) where my responsibilities included frontend, backend and doing devops. After that, I led a team at Pneuma Innovations where we built a Haskell based system for inventory management systems to support QSR. Then I moved on to work as a consultant for McKinsey & Company on some of their health-related prototypes. Currently, I work as a Senior Engineer for FPComplete.

Internet Handle