Understanding unsafeInterleaveIO

July 14, 2015

While answering some question in StackOverflow, I came across this following piece of code which won’t terminate:

So, now we can see why this piece of computation doesn’t terminate. The line f <- g specifically makes it go on and on. Now can we make it work using unsafeInterleaveIO:

In a sample GHCI session:

λ> g >>= \x -> return $ take 5 $ x

With a Bang!, we can again make it non-terminating:

And in GHCI:

λ> g >>= \x -> return $ take 5 $ x
  C-c C-c Interrupted.

Note that I still believe it’s a bad option to use unsafeInterleaveIO unless there is no other go. But I find this example as a nice way to understand the working of unsafeInterleaveIO.