Interesting discussion and links related to Maths

December 5, 2014

These are some of the interesting discussion I found related to Mathematics:

The top comment sums up it well: Practice, practice, practice. Unless you start practicing, you cannot learn it. (or learn anything for that matter)

I like the pragmatic approach of his. Basically he recommends to have an idea of everything (even if you aren’t master of it), so that you know which branch of mathematics solves what.

A must read article. Gives an idea of how big the field is. I like this sentence from the article: “You should also try to understand your goals of learning mathematics—do you seek beauty, power, or application? Different branches will be appealing based on your goals.” Having goal is important!

This discussion gives a good reason on why most of the Maths books suck (or why they are not suited for self-study) except maybe Spivak’s Calculus and Pugh’s “Real Mathematical analysis”. Read the top comments to get more insights.

The readings are more targeted towards Haskell programmer. But nonetheless, they all are very important. Category theory is language agnostic! Infact, I’m working currently on one of the recommended book from the list.

Not a great discussion as compared to the previous two HN discussion, but nonetheless they have some interesting comments.

Has some nice notes on Algebra, Calculus and Differential equations.

Another wide variety of review material covering various branches in mathematics.

Another must read article. Tells three rituals for learning maths and one involves practice. The article also relates programming with Mathematics.

Nice reddit thread which discusses various books. I like Edward Kmett’s recommendation there.